Performance Pilot


Maximize your potential in the sky with Performance Pilot: Skills, Techniques, and Strategies to Maximize Your Flying Performance. This comprehensive guide was designed to accelerate your flight training, prepare you more effectively for flight tests, and help you save money by learning faster.

The unique strategies offered in this book cater to every kind of pilot. Private pilots rave that it’s the best investment for improving piloting skills. Airline pilots appreciate the efficient techniques it provides to improve aircraft handling. Even military pilots recommend this book to their students, confirming its effectiveness in high-stakes environments. The principles found in Performance Pilot have been praised by the likes of Anthony Crichton-Browne, an A320 Captain & aerobatic pilot, and Marq Saunders, a Fighter Combat Instructor, among others.

But it’s not just about the physical act of flying. Performance Pilot also helps you master the mental aspects of being a pilot. You’ll learn to control your thoughts while flying, armchair fly more effectively, achieve a peak state to fly better, and improve your concentration and consistency.

Performance Pilot does more than just provide tips. It’s about transformation, providing you with the resources to become a better, safer, and more efficient pilot. As Australian PILOT magazine puts it, this is a book that should be part of every pilot’s bookcase. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your flying performance – dive into Performance Pilot today.

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Performance Pilot is a crucial guide to maximizing your flying skills. Whether you’re a private pilot, an airline pilot, or a military pilot, this book offers you strategies to enhance your performance. It helps speed up flight training, improve flight test performance, control thought processes during flight, and even master the mental game of flying. It’s an investment that pays back in improved skills and reduced costs. With top reviews from pilots and aviation magazines alike, this invaluable resource is sure to fast track your flying journey.

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