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Why choose the Flightswitch, the Aviation Book Co.?

The Aviation Book Company is an online student aviation book store based in Tasmania. The store lists high-quality titles at great prices. Most titles ship same-day with free shipping. Get your title fast with free shipping on orders over $49. Need it straight away? Grab an Aviation Theory Centre Digital Edition and redeem immediately.


We are working hard to stock the latest and most up-to-date titles, stocking Aviation Theory Centre, Bob Tait, Rob Avery’s AvFacts, and independent authors from around the country.

Need a hand?

There can be so many daunting decisions when committing to a life-changing career or starting a new hobby. We know that there is a lot of information about how to become a pilot – whether recreationally or professionally. We highly recommend this guide by Aviation Theory Centre. Another great guide has been recently published by a 25-year industry pilot, instructor and flight school owner Adrianne Fleming titled “The Left Seat”. This book is a one-stop guide on how to become a licensed pilot, available in our catalogue.