Australian Flying Magazine July-August 2023


Australian Flying July-August 2023 is out and about full of entertainment, information and news. This time we’ve looked at the P-Mentor and Alpha Electro II, wind shear, biplanes, books and an upcoming star of the air show industry. Tecnam’s P-Mentor stars on the front cover thanks to John Absolo.

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The Air Apparent
Jett Bennet chats with Kreisha Ballantyne about following in the footsteps of Australia’s greatest aerial showman.Finding a Mentor
Tecnam’s award-winning trainer, the P-Mentor, is causing a stir in the IFR training world. John Absolon flew to the Gold Coast to see if the hype is real.

Electric Avenue
Pipistrel’s Alpha Electro II trainer is put through its paces by Steve Hitchen.
Shear Ability
Turbulence, mountain waves and sudden changes in wind direction, collectively known as wind shear, are explored by Steve Hitchen.Right Seat Rules
Flying instructors need to prepare for a flight the same as their students do, and Jim Davis says that includes planning, knowing the systems and being an ace of emergency procedures.

A Tale of two Wings
Biplanes are considered by some to be obsolete technology, but Tony Self found out that there is still merit behind one of aviation’s very early designs.

Aviation by the Book
Australian Flying put people to work to select the top 15 aviation books that will inspire you, educate you or entertain you.
And then there’s Editoria, News, Rotors, Products, A Spot of Recreation, Safety Matter, What Can we Learn?, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

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